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Both Preowned, but in Very Good Condition and Working Excellently! 

The Digitech 2112 is a fully programmable Guitar PreAmp/Effects Processor for studio or live applications. It is designed to have more of the look and feel of a typical guitar amplifier. This is achieved by having PreAmp parameter controls on the front panel of the box, giving the user instant control over principle aspects of their sound. Digital effects can be moved around within configurations, giving the 2112 the best combination of flexibility and easeof use. A unique feature in this product is its dual distortion paths. It is possible to run Tube Distortion AND Solid State Distortion in parallel. They can even be panned hard Left/Right for really huge sounds. These dual paths also allow very smooth morphing from a clean to a distorted sound. The Dual S-DISC IIs offer Seamless Program Changing, which means that you don't have to cut off the end off your Delays and Reverb when you change Programs. The 2112 is the most powerful, easy to use Guitar product ever developed by DigiTech. A custom LCD display along with button illumination make it the standard that all other Guitar Processor/PreAmps will be measured by. Analog Effects: Compression, Analog WahWah, TubeDistortion/Clean path (2-12AX7s), SolidState Distortion/Clean path Digital Effects: Choruses, Flangers, Phasers, Tremolo, AutoPan, Rotary Speakers, Detune, Chromatic PitchShift,Intelligent PitchShift, Whammy, Delays, Reverbs, PEQs, GEQs, Silencer-II NoiseReduction, NoiseGate, Compressor, Cabinet Emulation Inputs/Outputs: Guitar Input, Mono FX Loop (PreDistortion), Balanced TRS 1/4" Outputs, MIDI In/Out-Thru, ExpPedal Input, Control One Input



The Control One is a powerful remote foot controller that allows you to take full advantage of all the high-performance real-time control capabilities of the 2112 SGS, GSP-2101, Valve FX or Legend II Guitar Processors.  The unit is equipped with ten programmable footswitches, plus dedicated bypass and Program / Bank selector switches, along with a continuous controller pedal built into the pedalboard.