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Jim Dunlop

Dunlop JCT95 Justin Chancellor Wah Pedal

The Dunlop JCT95 Justin Chancellor Wah Pedal combines three impressive effects into a single pedal. It effortlessly combines the fluid expressiveness of a midrange filter, the bite of a custom wah circuit, and the delight of a vintage fuzz to culminate in a pedal that provides an incredible number of sonic options. At the forefront of bass effects, Justin Chancellor utilises all these effects to add multiple layers to his sound, and the Cry Baby Wah features his favourite ways to do that.

Two different voices
The JCT95 comes with two distinct voices to offer distinct tonal variations, this is the U.K. Filter and the Cry Baby Wah, both of which warp your sound to your preference. The U.K filter emulates the unique filtering of Justin’s own instrument, with a high amount of depth and pronounced peaks, perfect for melodic basslines, and great for playing vocal-like patterns. When it comes to the original Wah sound though, the Cry Baby voicing infuses you sound with luscious harmonics, whilst not holding back when cutting through the mix.

Ferocious Fuzz
This pedal's versatility is astounding. Not only does it provide filter and wah effects, but it also incorporates Justin’s go-to fuzz. Crushing and aggressive, the pedal provides enough power to achieve a monstrous amount of energy in every bassline. It does this whilst still preserving a tighter mid-range, ensuring that most of the bass’s original tone is preserved. The UK vintage-inspired fuzz can be utilised solely as a fuzz or in combination with either the filter or wah.

Complete tonal control
Dunlop has ensured that each mode on the Justin Chancellor Wah pedal can be fully shaped to your preference. This is achieved primarily through the use of both a Volume and Q control, though in any mode the pedal does uphold the low end, preserved through necessity to deliver a fantastic sounding bassline. All configurations of this delightful creation makes it a must-have for any bass tone aficionado.

Input Impedance: 1 MΩ
Output Impedence: 1 kΩ
Wah resonant frequency range: 340 Hz to 1920 Hz
U.K filter resonant frequency range: 232 Hz to 2700 Hz
Power: 9v battery, (Optional: DC adaptor, MXR brick power supply)

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