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The Ernie Ball standard. This Ernie Ball Burly Slinky 2226 Nickel Guitar String Set was designed for those who like thicker, heavier strings on their guitar. As some of the most popular, high quality strings in the world, Ernie Balls have a stellar reputation amongst musicians around the world. Having been used by artists ranging from Steve Vai to Paul McCartney, they are sure to give you every bit of tonal quality you need.

Solid Strings
Being a thicker gauge than the average set of strings, these are designed for those who like a bit more tension when they play. They have a strong bass response, making your chords sound thicker, and they will also give your lead lines plenty of sustain. Given that they remain tight for lower tunings, you'll always produce a crisp, articulate response when you’re playing the lower strings. Being nickel plated, they will both feel comfortable and transfer your string vibrations very effectively. They have that unmistakable, classic Slinky feel which will bring you the ult9omate sonic satisfaction.