£220.00 GBP

With the Line 6 Relay G10SII you get a wireless guitar system that offers plenty of power in a compact, pedalboard-friendly format, giving you everything you could want in a gig-ready wireless guitar system.

Pedalboard-Friendly Wireless Guitar System
Plug-and-play usability with a stompbox-sized pedal unit and a massive 40 meter range, all available at an affordable price, the Relay G10SII is seriously impressive.

What’s more, it works equally well for both guitar and bass.

Line 6 Relay G10SII Wireless Guitar System Highlights
Plug n' Play
1/4" and XLR outputs
Up to 130ft / 40m Line-of-Sight range
Auto or Manual channel selection
G10TII Transmitter charges automatically when docked
Up to seven hours of playing time, 170 hours standby
10Hz-20kHz frequency response, uncompressed 24-bit audio
Battery life status LED
External 9v power supply included
Dimensions (HxWxD): 72mm x 357mm x 227mm 
Plug n' Play
No need to worry if you don't have the time or patience for a lengthy set up, as the Relay G10SII has you covered - simply turn it on and you’re sorted!

With the transmitter jack docked in the main receiver, both units will automatically connect cover the strongest available frequency.

You can also fine-tune the frequency selection manually if you wish but you’ll likely never need to.

In addition to this, both RF and battery statuses are easily seen on the face of the pedal so you can keep an eye on your system at a glance.

Road-Ready Construction
The Line 6 Relay G10SII, unlike many other wireless guitar systems, features a rugged metal housing, making it an ideal permanent fixture in your pedalboard setup.

This means it can take a serious beating, withstanding all the rigours of life on the road and even the most brutal gigs.

High Fidelity Audio
Thanks to the Line 6 Relay G10SII boasting an impressive 24-bit lossless digital audio quality, you need never worry about losing audio quality when you perform.

In addition to this, the proprietary Line 6 technology known as Cable Tone accurately matches the sound and response of an actual guitar cable for incredible authenticity.

The Cable Tone feature allows you to select whether you want to emulate a 10ft or 30ft cable for amazing realism or you can turn it off altogether.

Superb Power Options
Featuring a 9V DC power input, you can connect the Line 6 Relay G10SII pedal to the included power adapter, or simply use your pedalboard’s power supply.

In addition to this, the transmitter runs on a rechargeable battery that gives you approximately eight hours use, and automatically enters sleep mode when you’re not playing, maximising the play time you get from a single charge.

When you need to charge the transmitter simply plug it into the receiver pedal and it will charge automatically.

Versatile, Powerful and Convenient
Working great for both guitar and bass while delivering incredible sound quality and all from an easy-to-use, stompbox size unit – this is the perfect wireless guitar system for any performer that needs freedom on stage.

Buy the Line 6 Relay G10S wireless guitar system from Professional Music Technology and unlock your performance potential with a wireless instrument system you can rely on.