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Martin guitars have a unique, piano-like tone revered by musicians and music lovers all over the world. The X bracing patterns and quality tonewoods employed contribute to the complexity and richness of tone.

Over time the company has found ways to offer the “Martin sound” and feel for a lesser price and accommodate the entry-level/immediate player. Each series has a typical player and function in mind. This is accomplished by stripping down the features and cosmetics featured on models, leaving the essential Martin build, giving you the classic and characteristic tone revered around the world.

Long ago Martin & Co. developed the bracing pattern that made the development of the steel-strung guitar more possible. The bracing pattern invented by Martin and adapted throughout the industry was the famous X brace. X bracing is characterised by a certain complexity of tone.

Under the hood, the scalloped Martin X bracing delivers the strong, piano-like sound that helped define the steel-strung guitar in 20th-century music and still does today. The 000-X2E sports a solid top with a sapele-effect HPL back and sides.

Martin & Co. introduced the 000 body shape as demand for guitars grew and encompassed a professional class of musicians. Like other ‘goldilocks’ body shapes, its broad lower bout sustains louder strumming but the narrowing of the waist precludes bass dominance and makes the guitar nice and easy to handle. An excellent body shape for acoustic folk and blues and also a good writing tool for singer-songwriters.

The scale length is 24.9 inches. This is called ‘short scale’. Short scale lengths cause the strings to be held under a lower tension at concert pitch. This means slightly less volume but the strings are more forgiving. The fundamental note rings very clearly with fewer overtones. The nut width is a broad 1 and ¾ inches, allowing a little more space for fingering and picking. A 1 and ¾ nut width is important for fingerpickers who may prefer the wider string spacing for playing what are called rest strokes. The neck is a specific Performing Artist neck with a high-performance taper.

Martin X Series guitars are fitted with Fishman MX electronics. The MX system includes volume and tone controls on the preamp inside the soundhole of the guitar.
The Martin 000-X2E comes supplied with a durable and water-resistant gig bag with headstock, bridge, and endpin protectors to ensure that this guitar can be kept safe and dry whilst travelling.




  • Body size - Grand Auditorium
  • Woods - Solid spruce top, mahogany effect HPL back & sides, select hardwood fingerboard and bridge.
  • Cutaway - No
  • Bracing - Scalloped X-brace
  • Nut width - 1 ¾’’’
  • Scale length - 24.9”
  • Neck to body join - Mortise & Tenon
  • Neck type - Performing Artist
  • Finish - Hand Rubbed Satin
  • Electronics - Fishman MX
  • Case - Soft Case