£699.00 GBP

Fender Squier Jazzmaster Custom Steam Punk Edition 

As one of Fenders Contemporary series, this was regarded as a modern guitar, however this one of a kind Jazzmaster has gone even further and returned back from the future! 

True to the Jazzmaster tradition of smashing rules, the Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster is packed with audacious features, and this guitar looks as sinister as it sounds.

Blending sharp appearance with a bevy of player-centric features, this Jazzmaster is a trailblazing rendition of a Fender classic. Inspiring player creativity, this guitar features a slim and fast "C"-shaped neck with a 12" fingerboard radius ideal for speed and effortless bends, while an adjustable bridge with stopbar tailpiece provides optimal stability - even in drop tunings. Powered by an active 9-volt circuit, the dual SQR ceramic humbucking pickups produce high-output tone ideal for crunchy rhythms and screaming solos, all of this and a one off custom finish!