£69.00 GBP

The Seymour Duncan Woody SC SA-3SC, seen here in a sleek black, is a single coil acoustic guitar soundhole pickup that delivers clear, bright and natural acoustic tone.

Make Your Acoustic Guitar an Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Do you have an acoustic guitar but want to play live?

Do you want to stick with your guitar and not have to buy a new electro-acoustic or microphone?

Then you need the Seymour Duncan Woody acoustic guitar soundhole pickup.

When it comes to playing acoustic guitars live, you’d normally need to get a microphone and go through time consuming setups at each gig and deal with the inevitable feedback problems that ensue.

Otherwise, you’d have to buy an electro-acoustic guitar.

But what if you already love your acoustic guitar and just want to hit the stage or start recording with it?

The Seymour Duncan Woody acoustic pickup is about to make your life much easier. No tricky setup required; just slot it into your soundhole and plug it into your amp or mixer and start playing.

Super Easy Installation

Seymour Duncan Woody pickups can fit almost any guitar that has a sound hole from 3.85 to 4.10 inches and it doesn’t require any tricky installation process.

You just slot it into the soundhole and you’re good to go.

As a completely passive pickup, the Woody SC SA-3SC doesn’t even need a battery to work.

Just mount the pickup on your guitar, plug it into your amp or mixer and start playing.

The Seymour Duncan Woody acoustic guitar pickup even comes with a 14 foot cable attached so it’s ready to use straight out of the box.

Get Gigging Now

Setting up and packing away are both super easy since removing the Seymour Duncan Woody is as quick as mounting it.

Just stick it on your guitar and enjoy playing live and loud with natural acoustic sound that’s suitable for all styles of acoustic guitar playing.

Furthermore, it comes at a bargain price that is much friendlier on your wallet than having to buy an expensive microphone or new electro-acoustic guitar.

Buy the Seymour Duncan Woody SC SA-3SC single coil acoustic guitar soundhole pickup to turn your regular acoustic guitar into an electro-acoustic guitar and get gigging!