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Preowned, Very Good Condition And Comes Fully Setup By Our In-house Tech! 


Immersive versatility. Distinctive sonic definition. All oozing from this Sigma 000MC-1E Electro Acoustic. It holds tradition close, but your modern playing needs, closer. Blending rich, instantly recognisable tone, all the versatility you could wish for, quality details, and pure playability. High-end features that ensure it's just you, and your performance - every time.

A classic tonewood combo. And it delivers wide-reaching dynamics with richness you'll forever appreciate, as well as character that'll keep your notes thriving. Responsive. In fact, it's so responsive that your individuality will always be heard. A 000-14 fret cutaway body keeps your tone classic and beautifully balanced while proudly boasting an all-purpose. So dig deep into creativity and explore a smooth, player-friendly low-profile neck with a performance-ready feel, and unrestricted access to upper frets. Complete with on-board electronics, it's time experience a crossover where acoustic tradition and modern playing needs, ignite.

Classic acoustic sound

Instantly recognisable sound. Welcoming a quality Sitka spruce and mahogany construction. Now you have heaps of tonal flavour for sonic moulding, right at your fingertips. And with a stunning solid top, you have a sound that just keeps giving. It gets richer, more articulate, and more distinctive the more you play. Incredible. So explore an instrument that'll not only stay with you for many performances to come, but one that'll really help your playing thrive.


Iconic, classic, spine-tingling. This is the sound that's known among players as the most 'classic' acoustic tone on the market. And it's long been cherished. Sought-after by many, guitarists and singer-songwriters adore the combo's delicious dynamics, as well as its authentic warmth, and distinctive punch too. Plus, the Sigma 000MC-1E also has an immaculate response to your individual playing style. Get creative, no matter your mood. As this 000MC-1E can handle almost anything. So take your sonic curiosity for a wonder, and let Sigma spark that inner passion.

Let your creativity roam free...

Big in tone, big on comfort. This Sigma 000MC-1E features a 000-14 Fret cutaway body. It offers a distinctive auditorium tone with sublime comfort. Perfect for any player looking for a big sonic impact with the pleasant feel of a smaller body type. And, you can still explore a big, dynamic tone with a uniformly balanced attitude. Play with confidence, freedom, and great comfort.


It's time to really express yourself. And, with this Sigma 000MC-1E you can find your most inspiring melodies with ease. This is thanks to the 000MC-1E's responsive nature, and smooth, sleek, performance-ready feel. Plus, with this 000-14 Fret body, you receive one of the best shapes on the market for versatility. So, whatever your mood, this 000MC-1E has the power, and an attitude to take your music to new heights.

Take to the stage

Nothing but natural sonic nature. Equipped with a Fishman Preamp, the 000MC-1E is ready for any live setting. With its tone controls, it gives you unrivalled control over your amplified tone, meaning you can get the exact sound you want from your instrument. Boasting quality engineering, it preserves the natural tone of your acoustic perfectly, ensuring that you always sound your best at live shows and when practising. A super handy built-in tuner also helps to make life easier by letting you tune-up on the spot. This preamp is a powerhouse, and it will serve you well.

Enhanced tone

Traditional sonic enhancement. The 000MC-1E features a bone nut, adding incredible resonance and sustain to your overall sound. Classy in every way. Bone nuts are also widely hailed for their divinecharacteristics. Bringing balance to your tone while holding a long-lasting, durable attitude. Benefit from staying in tune for longer periods of time, courtesy of the nut's ability to self lubricate. Quality.



Body & Bridge

  • Top Material: Solid Sitka Spruce
  • Body Material: Mahogany
  • Body Type: 000-14 Fret Cutaway
  • Bridge Material: Micarta
  • Body Finish: High Gloss
  • Colour: Black

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck Material: Mahogany
  • Neck Shape: Low Profile
  • Fingerboard Material: Micarta
  • Fingerboard Inlay: Dots
  • Scale Length: 645 mm
  • Nut Material: Bone
  • Nut Width: 42.9 mm

Hardware & Electronics

  • Hardware Colour: Chrome
  • Tuning Machines: Die-Cast
  • Strings: D´Addario EXP16
  • Electronics: Fishman Presys II w/ Tuner