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T-Rex Effects ToneBug Distortion Pedal


Preowned, Excellent Condition and Boxed! 

Unpacking the ToneBug Distortion, it’s clear this pedal is built to last with
its sturdy unpainted cast metal housing with smooth corners, metal knobs and
switch. The huge, red status light makes it easy to see if the pedal is
engaged, even during bright outdoor shows. Input, output, and power jacks are
all located at the top of the pedal, comfortably spaced apart so connecting to
your other pedals and power supply is a breeze. The pedal is powered by the
standard 9 volt DC plug-in (center pin negative, 8V min. to 12.5V max.) or
battery. The battery hatch is located on the bottom of the unit and is easy to
access–no screwdrivers needed. This is a clean, simple pedal with three knobs
to tweak your noises: Level, Tone, and Gain. One minor complaint on the pedal’s
aesthetics is that the dots on the knobs are quite small and hard to see
against the convex chrome tops, especially when maneuvering in the dark. The
overall dimensions of 4.75″L x 3″W x 2.4″H present a rather
friendly footprint for precious pedal board real estate.

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