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Tanglewood TWT14E Tiare Tenor Size Electro Ukulele


The Tanglewood TWT14E Tiare Tenor Size Electro Ukulele goes beyond the capabilities of the classic uke, granting you sensational sound with the added sparkle of TEQ-TUT electronics. Take to the stage with confidence, knowing your audience will be well and truly awestruck by your faithful amplification that responds to all the natural qualities of ovangkol. And speaking of ovangkol, its sonic potential knows no bounds. It's perfect for players wanting a beautifully balanced, versatile tone...

You'll have sweet ukulele goodness exuding from the strings. Used for the entirety of the uke's body, ovangkol produces an even response across the whole frequency range. Go from a full-sounding midrange to bright, singing highs, and let each note ring out with clarity. A stunning tenor shape then enriches the uke's tone with depth and volume, ensuring magnificent stage presence and an engrossing playing experience.




  • Product Code: TWT14E

Body & Bridge

  • Body: Ovangkol
  • Range: Tiare
  • Top: Ovangkol
  • Shape: Tenor
  • Finish: Natural Satin
  • Bridge: Black Walnut

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck: Okoume
  • Scale Length: 434mm
  • Fingerboard: Techwood
  • Nut: ABS Ivory White
  • Nut Width: 35mm


  • Saddle: ABS Ivory White
  • Machine Heads: Die Cast Chrome
  • EQ: Tanglewood TEQ-TUT Pickup
  • Strings: Aquila Nylgut

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