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Tanglewood TWUD Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar in Natural Satin


Tanglewood TWUD Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar in Natural Satin

With a solid mahogany top for warm & rich tonality, and a dreadnought body shape for powerful & sonorous tone, the Tanglewood TWUD Acoustic is perfect for those looking for top notch quality for an affordable pricetag!

The Tanglewood Union Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar in Natural Mahogany is a no-frills acoustic guitar with a great tone and playability. The solid mahogany top provides a warm voice with rich overtones and is a very welcome addition at this price-point. The 'dreadnought' body shape is traditionally one of the largest acoustic guitar designs; this gives it a powerful projection and full-bodied sound - ideal for strumming styles but equally capable of fingerpicking and flatpicking with its sonorous tone. The natural satin finish provides a smooth and tactile feel, and allows the focus to go into the playability and tone of this instrument. This is a highly affordable guitar that delivers a real solid wood top to give it a rich acoustic tone; perfect for developing musicians and value-seeking professionals.

The Tanglewood Union Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is a guitar focused on performance and playability. The natural satin finish and lack of any ornate decorations means that Tanglewood can give you a solid mahogany topped guitar at an excellent price-point. While the natural satin could be seen as a cost-saving measure, the satin finish does actually provide a more smooth and tactile feel. It is also a thinner finish than gloss and lets the wood 'breathe' more for enhanced resonance and sustain; many guitars are purposefully spec'd with this finish in order to gain these benefits.

The Union Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar puts all the focus on the player, and it delivers a solid wood top, all mahogany body and neck, and chrome die cast tuners for tuning stability. This is the ideal instrument for developing players and value-seeking professionals.

A guitar gets its 'voice' from the top material, and solid woods are inherently more resonant and stable. Mahogany gives a lovely warm tone with depth and nuance. The mahogany back and sides help to project that tone, giving the stability needed for acoustic volume.

The mahogany neck assists with sustain and resonance while the satin finish (as mentioned) is light enough to let the woods 'breathe' and resonate more fully. The Union Dreadnought has an eboncore fingerboard; a composite material with a balanced response across its whole length. Eboncore (and other similar materials) are increasingly being used, representing the fact that many different brands are now looking towards more environmentally-responsible materials for guitar production. The eboncore has the look and feel of wood - close your eyes and you'd never know.

The dreadnought body style is one of the largest guitar body designs, and one of the original acoustic guitar styles. This shape gives a sonorous sound with a full low-end, slightly scooped mid-range, and shimmery treble sound. The mahogany woods naturally emphasise the mid-range, making this guitar appropriate for all genres of music, and particularly well suited to strumming styles of playing.

  • Solid mahogany top with mahogany back/sides - delivers a warm and rich tone
  • Natural satin finish feels smooth and tactile
  • Eboncore fingerboard - CITES friendly and gives an even response
  • Dreadnought body style


Body & Bridge
Body Shape: Dreadnought
Top Material: Solid Mahogany
Body/Sides Material: Mahogany
Binding: ABS black/white
Bridge: Black Walnut
Finish: Natural Satin
Neck & Fingerboard
Neck Material: Mahogany
Fingerboard Material: Eboncore
Saddle: ABS ivory
Nut: ABS white
Nut Width: 43 mm
Scale Length: 650 mm
Machine Heads: Chrome die cast
Bridge Pins: ABS ivory with black dots

All our guitars have a Gold Service before we allow them to leave!!

A new set of strings if needed.

String height, truss rod and intonation adjusted.

Polished frets.

Lemon oiled fingerboard (If applicable).

Electrics checked and serviced.

A final polish of the guitar before delivery.

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