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Wharfedale TCT35C 35W 1X12" Combo


Preowned and in Very Good Condition! 

There's a lot of amp building pedigree behind the Wharfedale TCT35C, and with its dual channel, all-valve design, versatile features and affordable price point what's not to love?

Wharfedale are well known for being one of the most prominent names in the loudspeaker industry and have a long history in audio reproduction dating back to 1932. To ensure the guitar amps live up to Wharfedale's reputation, they enlisted the expertise of experienced amp designer Steve Grinrod.

Steve Grinrod brings impressive amp design pedigree to Wharfedale having worked with VOX, as well as with Marshall on their classic JCM800 and Silver Jubilee amps.

TCT Range

TCT stands for Twin Channel Tube which as far as names go is pretty self-explanatory - dual channel, all tube amps for that proper valve tone. The TCT range feature a classic British aesthetic, rugged build quality, and some unique features, all in an affordable amp.

Valve Output, Twin Channels

The TCT35C features 6L6 tube output which is known for a American-style smooth, clear and bright sound.

The dual channels are harmonically different in their tonal spectrums and feature a flexible control scheme for shaping your tone. With these versatile controls and distinctive 6L6 sound the TCT can handle tones from clean country to crunchy blues and rock.

Power Amp Section

The power amp section has some additional features that really help increase the amount of control you have over your sound. The power amp section allows you to control things like the attack dynamics (presence), depth of speaker inter-reaction, and the amount of feedback for a tighter or looser sound.

The TCT amps also have a few controls that help make it more useful in different applications. The power level switching allows you to rein in some of the output power which comes in handy when you need to play a smaller venue. You can also alter the output phase for guitar/room acoustic response and multi-amp set-ups.

With a wide array of valve tones, built-in digital reverb, a series FX loop, and an included footswitch the TCT range are a lot of amp for not a lot of money.

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